24 December

Outdoor TV Mounting: Everything You Need to Know

Watching sports, movies, and shows outdoors on a mounted patio TV creates an amazing entertainment experience. However, installing a television outside comes with unique considerations compared to indoor mounting. Before you start, you have to know that mounting a TV outdoors is much more challenging than mounting indoors as you have to take many more factors into consideration. Thus, we suggest you hire a professional TV mounting service in your area.

Follow this guide covering everything about outdoor TV mounting – from equipment to weatherproofing and placement.

Choosing an Outdoor TV

The first step is selecting a TV designed specifically for outdoor use. Look for:

  • Weatherproof TV Enclosure – Seals components from moisture, dirt, bugs and extreme temps.
  • Sunlight Readable – Special displays maintain visibility in daylight.
  • High Brightness – Essential for combatting glare and sun. Aim for at least 700 nits.
  • Anti-Reflective Screen – Reduces washout from sun reflection.
  • Ambient Light Sensor – Automatically adjusts display for changing conditions.
  • Wide Temperature Rating – Perform in extremes from -24°C to 50°C.

High-end models have 2,500+ nit brightness and IP-rated waterproofing. Check warranty coverage for outdoor use.

Pick an Outdoor Mount

Choosing a mount designed for exterior installation is crucial:

  • Weatherproof Mount – Must withstand full outdoor weathering. Aluminum and stainless steel both resist rust.
  • Articulating Arms – Allow swiveling and tilting for glare avoidance.
  • Concrete Installation – Select models made for concrete, brick or stucco instead of just wood.
  • Lockable – Deters potential theft attempts.
  • Cable Management – Interior channels keep wires out of weather.

Avoid standard indoor mounts – always choose outdoor rated mounts.

Ideal Placement Tips

Proper placement enhances enjoyment while minimizing weather and sun damage:

  • Face away from direct sun to reduce glare. North facing is ideal.
  • Place under patio roofs or awnings for shelter from rain.
  • Keep higher and tilted downwards for best visibility.
  • Allow proper airflow and ventilation around the TV.
  • Ensure accessible power outlets nearby or install outdoor outlets.

Added Weatherproofing

Extra weatherproofing steps prevent moisture damage:

  • Caulk around the mount and cable entry holes.
  • Apply water sealant spray on electronics and backside.
  • Cover ports with weatherproof tape when not in use.
  • Install drip loops in cables to divert water away.
  • Surge protectors safeguard against electrical spikes.

Proper outdoor mounting makes it possible to enjoy TV entertainment in any weather. Just take care to choose equipment specifically designed for exterior viewing. With the right display, mount and placement, your outdoor TV experience will provide endless enjoyment.