28 January

Samsung Frame TV Mounting Instructions: Full Step-by-Step Guide

The Samsung Frame TV combines beautiful 4K QLED picture quality with a slim, minimalist design that blends seamlessly into your décor. When wall mounted properly, the Frame all but disappears – leaving just your images and art on display.

But mounting the Frame TV requires some special considerations compared to other displays. In this complete guide, we’ll walk you through the entire process step-by-step.

Why Hire a Pro for Frame TV Mounting?

While it is possible to self-install your Samsung Frame TV, we highly recommend hiring professional installers for the best results. Here’s why:

  • It’s extremely heavy – The Frame ranges from 49 to 85 inches and weighs over 70 pounds even for the smallest models. Handling it safely and lifting it onto the wall mount requires experience.
  • Cabling must be concealed – For a clean look, all power and AV cables need to be routed through the wall or hidden inside the mount. Pros have tools and know-how to conceal cabling cleanly.
  • Precise leveling is a must – A crooked picture frame would look silly. Your mounting pro will use specialized tools to ensure the TV is perfectly level.
  • Calibration for best picture – Like any TV, the Samsung Frame requires accurate calibration of the picture settings for optimal image quality. Techs use calibration test patterns and meters for precision tuning.

Simply put, our pros have the skills, tools, and experience to get your fancy new Frame TV mounted right the first time.

Step 1: Select the Right Mount

Your professional installer will select the proper wall mount based on:

  • Your Frame TV’s size
  • Mounting location and wall construction
  • Viewing needs like swivel or tilt
  • Ambient lighting conditions

For the Frame, we recommend a low-profile, wall-hugging mount to maintain the picture frame aesthetic. An articulating full motion mount also allows angle and height adjustment for ideal Frame TV positioning.

We exclusively use commercial grade mounts from brands like Sanus and Peerless rated for the weight and size of your specific Frame model. This ensures completely secure support.

Step 2: Determine Mounting Location

Next, we’ll work with you to determine the optimal wall location for your Samsung Frame mount. Considerations include:

  • Ideal viewing height and distance
  • Available wall space and construction
  • Ambient light sources that could cause glare
  • Convenient access to power outlets and AV ports

Pro installers use laser measures and levels to find stud locations and mark the exact mounting points.

Tip: Samsung includes a special no-gap wall mount with the Frame TV to preserve its slim form factor. We will ensure the location adheres to Samsung’s mounting guidelines for this proprietary mount.

Step 3: Prepare the Mounting Surface

With the mount location marked, your tech will now prepare the wall:

  • Remove any pictures, décor, or mirrors from the wall area
  • Use a stud finder to detect studs for secure attachment
  • Mark stud center points with painters tape
  • Clean the area thoroughly to maximize adhesion

Note: The Frame TV includes wall anchors, but professional installers often prefer using lag bolts screwed directly into studs for maximum strength. We will use whichever fastening method is best for your specific wall construction.

Step 4: Install the Wall Mount

Now for the actual Samsung Frame wall mount installation:

  • We first attach a mounting board (usually plywood) to spread load across multiple studs
  • The articulating mount is then bolted firmly into studs and the board using lag screws
  • Mount arms are carefully leveled side-to-side and tilted down slightly
  • Power and AV cables are routed through arms for clean concealed access

This provides an incredibly secure Samsung Frame wall mount ready for the TV installation.

Step 5: Lift & Hang the Frame TV

With the articulate mount ready, we now hoist the Frame TV into place:

  • Using two installers for safety, your Frame is slowly lifted from the box
  • The TV is securely attached to the articulating mount arms
  • Cables are routed from the wall into the Frame’s connection panel
  • The no-gap bracket is clicked into place for a flush wall fit

Tip: The Frame features a special vertical installation mode for especially large pieces of artwork or designs. We will position the TV right-side up or vertical based on your preference.

Step 6: Cable Management

No one wants a tangle of cords protruding from their sleek Frame TV. That’s why our pros take time to neatly organize and conceal cables.

  • Power cords are routed inside the mount arms for clean access
  • Media player and soundbar cables are bundled and organized
  • Extra cabling is coiled, zip tied, and hidden from sight
  • Cable covers or raceways neatly conceal any remaining cables

This leaves just a thin power cord protruding that blends into your wall.

Step 7: Frame TV Calibration

For the finishing touch, we complete a full calibration of your Samsung Frame television:

  • Picture settings are professionally calibrated for ideal brightness, color, and motion
  • AV devices are configured with the Frame TV
  • The Art Mode gallery app is connected to your Samsung account to display your pictures
  • WiFi is connected to download artwork and receive software updates
  • The motion sensor is tested for automatic shutoff when not in use

You’ll now enjoy the Frame’s gorgeous QLED picture quality and stunning art visuals to their full potential.

Enjoy Your Perfectly Mounted Samsung Frame TV

That wraps up our complete step-by-step professional installation of your new Samsung Frame TV. We’ll clean up the area, haul away all packaging, and provide a lifetime warranty on our work.

For a flawless Samsung Frame mounting from experienced home technology pros, contact We Mount TV today!