21 January

Here are the Best Samsung TV Mounting Bolts. Full Guide.

Mounting a Samsung TV securely requires high-quality mounting bolts that properly fit the threaded holes on the back panel. Choosing inferior or incorrect bolts risks a loose TV that may fall.

This buyer’s guide covers the details on selecting the optimal Samsung TV mounting bolts and hardware for a safe, seamless installation.

Standard Bolt Sizes for Samsung TVs

Most Samsung TVs from 32″ to 70″ use M8 sized mounting bolts. Larger models may require M6 or even M10 bolts. Here are the common bolt sizes used based on Samsung TV sizes:

  • 32″ to 43″ Samsung TVs – M6 or M8 bolts
  • 49″ to 70″ Samsung TVs – M8 bolts
  • 70″+ Samsung TVs – M8 or M10 bolts

Always inspect your actual Samsung TV holes and measure diameter to verify needed bolt size rather than assuming. The manual should indicate specifications.

High-Quality Bolts for Samsung TV Mounting

For optimal grip and corrosion resistance, look for mounting bolts made of steel with a zinc, nickel or black oxide plating finish. Quality bolts meet key criteria:

  • Precision threaded – Accurately mates with Samsung TV hole threads
  • Chamfered tip – Eases bolt insertion into the holes
  • Flat underside – Maximizes flush contact with the panel
  • Correct head type – Hex, Phillips or Torx head per the mount

Machine thread bolts offer more grip than wood thread bolts in plastic panels. Match length to provide full engagement behind the panel, typically 1.5″ to 3″.

Top brands like Starborn Industries, OEMTech and Avanti Pro assure bolts meet proper specifications for safe Samsung TV installation.

Use Washers and Spacers

Washers help distribute the clamping force and prevent damage to the plastic back panel of the Samsung TV. Nylon spacers fill gaps between the mount and TV.

Flat washers placed against the panel paired with lock washers provide ideal grip and prevent loosening. Rubber washers can also buffer panel contact.

Tightening Samsung Bolts Securely

Carefully tighten mounting bolts using hand tools in a crossing “X” pattern to evenly pull the Samsung TV flush against the bracket. Follow these proper practices:

  • Initially tighten each bolt a few turns at a time.
  • Alternate between bolts on each side rather than one side fully.
  • Tighten until resistance increases, avoiding over-torque stripping.
  • Retighten all bolts after 1-2 days as they may settle under the TV’s weight.

Avoid power tools for tightening to prevent damage to the panels or threads. Careful manual tightening provides professional results.

FAQs About Samsung TV Mounting Bolts

Answers to commonly asked questions about selecting and using Samsung TV mounting bolts:

What size bolts come with Samsung wall mounts?

Samsung’s factory mounts often include M8 bolts but confirm hole sizing as some models differ.

Can I use bolts from other TV brands?

Avoid mixing brands as hole sizes may differ. Match Samsung spec bolts to the threads.

Do I need special security bolts?

Standard hex head bolts are fine for most homes. Special security bolts deter public thefts.

What type of bolts work with metal studs?

Self-tapping machine bolts with built-in washers grip metal studs well for Samsung TVs.

How do I determine the right length?

Measure bracket depth and panel thickness. Bolts must fully engage the bracket with panel contact.


Choosing high-grade Samsung TV mounting bolts precision matched to your model’s holes ensures a secure installation. M8 bolts suit most Samsung TVs. Include quality washers to protect the panel. Carefully tighten bolts in an “X” pattern without over-torquing. Follow these tips to safely mount your Samsung TV.