24 April

Guide for Selecting The Best TV Mounts in 2023

In this fast-paced modernized world, our TVs are becoming profoundly large.  Most of the time We don’t know what to do with our huge TV screens. I believe everyone has once given a thought if they should mount their Tv or not. we at the WMT firmly believe that mounting one is a great way to keep your room secure when you have children or pets running around. you have never mounted a television before?

Don’t worry, TV mounting is a very simple process with the right tools and instructions. we are here to guide you on TV mounting and the best Tv mounting brackets for your home.

why do you need to mount your tv?

We at WemountTv are happy to answer this question and help you buy the best Tv mounting brackets for you. There are a few pointers below which may help you to decide why do you need to mount your tv

  • You can free up some space and make your room feel larger.
  • Here at the remount. we provide same-day TV mounting services by professional TV mounting experts.

You do not need to spend any money on furniture.

TV mounting will essentially improve the aesthetics of your wall in a significant way.

mounting a tv will keep your Tv safe, especially when children and pets are running around.

most important of all, the Tv mount will give you an uninterrupted viewing experience.

Things you need to know before buying the mount.

The most important thing is you have to buy the best tv mounting brackets compatible with your wall type. It’s also crucial to be careful of any nearby wires or pipes when mounting your TV. There are other factors such as the weight of the tv screen and the compatibility of the tv screen. we provide free consultation on the best Tv mounting for your home be best for you according to your wall type. Click here to book the same-day Tv mounting service by experts.

Types Of Wall Mounts.

we at wemounttv provide 3 types of wall mount. fixed tv mount, tilt motion tv mount and full motion tv mount

fixed Tv mount

This mount does not allow movement of the tv screen. A Fixed mount is cheap than other tv mounts so if you are looking for an affordable tv mount then a fixed tv mount would be a great option for you. if you want to buy a cheap Fixed tv mount click here

If you want a simple tv bracket then you should definitely buy a fixed tv mount. it is pretty basic and simple in design. it is affordable and easily found in stores.

Tv mounting is a job of a skilled technician. if you try to save a couple of bucks and try to do it yourself you are putting yourself at risk. you can have a physical injury if something goes wrong. we at the WMT have expert technicians who have decades of experience in tv mounting. why don’t you leave the heavy lifting to us to book a TV mounting appointment with us at an affordable price and same-day service?

Benefits of using a fixed Tv mount.

  1. It is usually the cheapest tv mount available in the stores.


  1. Fixed tv mount is easy to install/mount and provides smooth flat profile against the wall.


  1. unlike other mounts fixed tv mounts add aesthetics to the wall because it is hidden by the tv screen.

Drawbacks of using a Fixed Tv mount

  • if you are buying the Fixed tv mount, you have to know that it does not allow any movements of the tv screen. your Tv screen will be fixed to the wall like a painting. I think this lack of movement of the tv screen is the biggest drawback of using a Fixed Tv mount.


  • fixed tv mount is useless in the corner.
Tilt tv mount

If you’ll be mounting your TV  over a fireplace or in an entertainment room then going with the tilting tv wall mount will be the best option for you and A tilting TV wall mount can tilt your TV screen down by almost 45 deg. This tilting motion will allow you to watch your tv screen without any discomfort. we at WMF highly suggest Tilting the TV mount because of its ability to reduce glare and reflection from the different light sources.

Full motion tv mount

A full motion tv mount is one of the advanced tv mounting brackets. Here at WMT, we get frequent inquiries about the full-motion mount. Do our customers always ask us which tv mount is the best? yes, they do!! and our answer is always the same. The full-motion Tv mounting bracket is the best tv mounting bracket there is.

In my personal experience, a Full motion tv mount provides absolute control over the tv screen position. I have been using Full-motion Tv mounting brackets for 2 years and it has made my life so much simpler.

Full-motion mount is robotic kind of movable arm. this adjustable arm allows us to extend, tilt, bend the tv screen.

we all are very familiar with the problems of glares due to different light sources. I have a lot of guests on the weekends and I have multiple seats dedicated to watching tv. Now we can all Netflix and chill with an improved line of sight and zero glare all thanks to full motion Tv mount. you can even mount your Tv in the corner. I think mounting your tv in the corner with a full-motion mount will save you lots of space and mounting your tv in the corner will give you that floating tv effect which is so cool.


Cable management becomes very easy with a full-motion tv mount. if you are a cable management freak like most of us then a full motion tv mount is the best mounting bracket for you.


I hope this blog has helped you in search for your quest to find the best TV mount for you. when choosing TV brackets, you need take into account more than simply the price and benefits of the wall mount. You should consider the wall material, the room’s arrangement, and where you wish to sit while watching TV. Keeping all of this in mind will help you choose the best alternative for your individual situation.